Chris Tangey of Alice Springs was so happy with his Uni-Solar panels he contacted us via email

"I do a lot of desert work around Alice Springs, both on and off the bitumen and long ago decided that solar panels to trickle charge my batteries were a good idea on the Toyota (try push starting a diesel by yourself in flat sand country!).

I did a lot of research and found that the canon unisolar's were the best bet for two reasons; one, that they put out more real amp power in hot conditions as opposed to others which are tested at a low panel surface temperature, and two, that they were constructed of polymer materials that enabled me to mount them permanently on the troopy roofrack.

I suspended them on low density foam with galvanised springs on each corner. This meant I didn't have to worry ever about hail damage and I could still also stack swags, chairs etc. on top of them when required without fear of damage.

In September 2002 I stopped to adjust some bits and pieces on the roofrack and accidentally put pressure on the front of one of the panels enabling the two front springs to become disconnected from the roofrack. Unbeknowns to me as I took off again, this meant the front or "wind" side of one of the panels was now a prime candidate for becoming an unidentified flying object!

Just North of Barrow Creek on the Stuart Highway I was sitting on 120ks in the troopy when I was passed in the opposite direction by a fully loaded road train. The wind from that vehicle hit me like a brick, next thing I heard a loud banging , ripping noise and looked in the rear vision mirror to see one of my unisolar panels floating end over end and then crashing violently into the bitumen and bouncing off into the gravel.

After a quick experience of dollar signs flashing over my eyes interspersed with my brain trying to invent new swear words on the spot, I quickly turned around to recover the mess.

To my amazement the panel was only slightly bent with minor scratches to the polymer. I couldn't see anywhere the circuits had been cut through.

When I put a multi meter on it back in Alice it was working perfectly. I have straightened it a bit and remounted it on the troopy roof where it continues to work day after day. Where I work, my life literally depends on the ability to both start my vehicle and use the Flying Doctor radio if necessary. Flat batteries are a potential disaster.

Even if another manufacturer offered to supply panels to me for free to mount on the Toyota I wouldn't even consider it. I have not been paid for this testimonial, I was so impressed with the Canon unisolars I actually hunted down the company to tell them about my experiences.

Chris Tangey
Alice Springs NT

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