TEAC 24" FHD Smart DVD Combo TV

Road Chef Marine Oven

Road Chef Big Bertha Oven

Travel Buddy 12v Oven

12v Portable Stove

12v Car Kettle

12v Hair Dryer

12v & 24v Digital Timers




The new A4 Series Smart DVD Combo TV delivers premium entertainment in stunning High Definition.

Simply insert a disc into the integrated DVD player and enjoy your favourite movies instantly.

its easy to enjoy Netflix, Youtube, Stan, Disney+, Kayo, and download your favorite apps from the in-built TV store.

Perfect TV to greatly enhance your trips and travel.

Essential for family holidays and vacations.


HDMI Input
Speaker Type
2 CH

Product Type

RF Input DVB-T
YES x 1
Audio Power
2 x 3W


YES x 1 (*VAST Satellite is not supported)

Operating System

YES x 1
Motion Rate
Power Supply
AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz, DC12V 3A

USB 2.0

YES x 2

Video Formats

12V Adaptor
YES x 1
Power Consumption
Earphone Out
YES x 1
Disk Capaticy
1 (12cm DISK ONLY)
Standy Power
RJ45 (Ethernet)
YES x 1
Optical Disk Support
Picture Format
Additional Features
Audio Decoder
Record to USB
Video Formats
Screen Size

Automatic Tunig

Gross Weight


1920 x 1080

7 Day EPG

Dimesnions w/ Stand
557 x 165 x 367mm
Aspect Ratio
Dimensions w/o Stand
557 x 75 x 333mm

Viewing Angle

Sleep Timer
Wall Mount
100 x 100mm
Contrast Ratio
Parental Controls
16.7M (8bits-true)
OSD Languages
User Manual
YES x 1
Response Time
8.5ms (Tr+Tf)
Last Channel Recall
Quick Start Guide
YES x 1
Remote Control
YES x 1

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Road Chef 12 Volt 4X4 Marine Oven

The Road Chef oven is a compact and convenient way to cook great tasting food when you are on the move or camping. From a rolling across the Nullarbor to a family making their once in a lifetime trip to the tip of Cape York, the Road Chef oven will help you Money, Save Time and Eat Well.

Using the 12 volt battery system in your vehicle, either direct from your engine or through a dual battery system, the Road Chef 12 volt oven can Bake, Roast or Re-heat your favourite foods. The oven will draw 8.3 Amps / 100 Watts when it is operating fully. To help you manage your battery life there is a 2 hour count down timer dial on the front of the oven with a handy bell to let you know when your food is ready.

You have three options of how to plug your oven in.

From slow cooking a stew over 4 or 5 hours to cooking a pie with crispy, crumbly pastry use the temperature gauge to select the right temperature for what you are going to cook from 80 to 180 degrees Celsius. The thermostat in the oven will automatically turn it on and off keeping it at the right temperature. With all outer and inner parts being made from 304 or 316 stainless steel it will stand the test of time, even in a marine environment.

The food that you cook in the Road Chef is only limited by your imagination. You can reheat frozen meals that you have pre-made like casseroles, stews and curries or choose store bought food like pies, pizzas or any of the massive range of frozen meals available at your supermarket. From roast beef to an Atlantic salmon pasta or choose a healthy alternative like a Green Chickpea Curry With Quinoa & Brown Rice even the fussiest of eaters can be satisfied. If you’ve got a little more time on your hands you can easily cook from scratch almost anything you can do in your oven at home; a roast, lasagne, pasta bake or muffins and cookies. Just because you’re on the road doesn’t mean you have to eat boring!

With two removable trays the oven allows to you cook lots of ‘small’ food like spring rolls or mini pizzas or take the top tray out and give yourself room to put in a roast pork with veges. Both trays are telescopic, so you can pull them out a 1/3rd of the way giving you easier access to the food in the oven. You can also remove them both giving you easy access to clean the bottom of the oven. With them out, you can use it to cook toasted sandwiches (one side at a time) or put in a small pan or dish to lightly fry up some bacon and eggs.


One of the keys to the Road Chef oven’s efficiency is the heavy-duty insulation used to keep the heat in. Even when it is at 180°C the outside of the oven will only be warm to touch and can be safely sat on the passenger seat. The door is also insulated providing maximum internal temperature for minimum Amp draw. There are three weep holes on the top of the door to allow moisture to escape, ensuring that your pastry is flaky, that your roasts are browned, and your mouth is watering as you drive along. The port latch securely holds the door closed even across the roughest roads! If you are setting up the canopy or your ute or the cab in your truck, there are two tie down brackets included. These can be used to secure your oven to the top or bottom of a shelf allowing you maximum space saving capabilities.

The days of looking for your nearest fast food restaurant are now over. The Road Chef 12V Oven is the ideal companion for the 4WD tourer, truckie, tradie or camper. Each oven connects directly to your 12V cigarette socket, enabling you to cook a meal while traveling to your next destination. You can now eat pre-packaged meals as you travel.

Each oven is manufactured from marine-grade stainless steel and fully insulated for protection. With a maximum of up to 180 degrees in temperature, the Road Chef is designed with the capabilities of even cooking your favorite roast! Two dials on the front, each for regulating the temperature and time, the Road Chef is ideal for cooking even the most delicate of foods whilst traveling on the road. With included adjustable trays, it's able to be used as required.

Don't worry about the oven moving about as you travel, each Road Chef includes two tie-down brackets providing the option for a secure oven.



Road Chef 12 Volt 4X4 Marine Oven
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RCTRAY Baking Dish $29.99 Buy this product from our online store

*We recommend preheating the oven approximately 30min before intended use to reduce cooking times.

Road Chef 12 Volt Oven Big Bertha Dual Element 13L 20 Amp

The Big Bertha Road Chef 12v Oven is taking things to another level.

As the name indicated the Big Bertha is BIG, on the inside at least! It has a huge 13l cooking volume, so it is almost twice the volume of the Road Chefs 6.6l. As you can imagine we needed more heat to fill this area, so we ramped the element up to 10A and put not one but TWO in it. One in the traditional place at the bottom of the oven, and the second one on the TOP, providing a more consistent even cook throughout the oven. Not satisfied with just having two elements we made it adjustable through a third knob, so you can choose BOTH elements, just the TOP, or just the BOTTOM according to what you are cooking or your power requirements. When running BOTH it has a 20A draw so there is no cigarette lighter plug provided (just Anderson plug) with Big Bertha and a minimum 6mm2 wiring is required, jumping up to 8mm2 for distances greater than 2m return.

Bertha is larger than the Road Chef, but not significantly so and weighs only 8kgs. We beefed up the mounting brackets making them longer, with three securing hooks and two attachment holes, so no matter how rough it gets you can have confidence in it. Due to the extra heat, we improved the door insulation keeping it cool on the outside. She comes with the two standard telescopic baking racks, but we have also included a custom designed stainless steel baking tray that hangs on the top rail. The tray is designed with air circulation in mind that creates a quicker, more even cook.

The BIG BERTHA Road Chef Oven runs from a 12 Volt power supply. Like many high-end 240-volt ovens BIG BERTHA has two elements, one underneath the oven box, and one on the top. Each element will independently draw 10 Amps / 120 Watts at 12 volts when operating fully. When both are used at the same time, they will draw 20 Amps / 240 Watts at 12 volts.

The ONLY power option that you must have to power the BIG BETHA is via the supplied Anderson Plug. Other 12 Volt ovens, offer the options of a cigarette lighter or Merit Plug using a vehicle ‘cigarette lighter’ plug. However, these cannot be used for the BIG BERTHA as the wiring is typically designed to take a maximum of 10 Amp. This wire will overheat, melt, and potentially catch fire is used with the BIG BERTHA. The Anderson plug provides a superior connection and will reduce the chance of a poor connection. The oven is fitted with an internal fuse. If the fuse does blow then there is most likely a problem that you should diagnose and rectify before replacing the fuse.

Big Bertha includes ‘tie down’ clamps that can be used to securely attach it in your vehicle, boat, or the like. There are slots at the top and bottom of the oven allowing you to secure it to a shelf or roof of your vehicle. Simply insert the three prongs into the slots in the side of the oven and screw the brackets down.

BIG BERTHA comes supplied with a baking tray that is designed to create optimum cooking inside your oven. As the oven is not fan forced it relies on natural convection, so the Baking Tray allows for maximum air flow around the meal you are cooking. Reduced air flow allows cooler air to build up near the meal surfaces. By allowing hot air past the product, it picks up the heat faster cooking more evenly. The baking racks can slide in and out of the oven making it easier for you to reach your food.

The oven is insulated on 5 sides using fibreglass insulation. This should keep the outside temperature below 40°C although this can vary depending on the ambient temperature. The door is double insulated through a double wall and silicone inner which minimises its ability to heat it up. However, over a longer cook or in an area with reduced ventilation it may become hot and care should be taken.

The BIG BERTHA 12-volt oven gives you the choice of cooking with just the TOP element, just the BOTTOM element or BOTH at the same time. The benefit of this is you can tailor it to what you are cooking. Each person likes their food prepared differently so some experimentation will be required but as a rule using the TOP elements is great for things that need grilling like nachos or pizzas. The BOTTOM element is great for baking and will make great scones. Using BOTH elements is the best for roasting or anything where you need all round heat.

While BIG BERTHA is an oven, it is a 12-volt oven, not a 240-volt oven like you have in your house. While it is very efficient at turning 12 volts of energy into heat so that you can bake, roast, and reheat, on the road, it is not a 240-volt oven, so it is important not to expect the same performance. It will take about 20/30 minutes to preheat your oven to 150 degrees C. After the first 20/30 minutes the incremental increase in temperature reduces to about 10 degrees per 10 minutes with the maximum temperature achieved after about 50-60 minutes. The more food you put in your oven, and the lower the temperature (if its frozen or room temperature) the longer the cooking time will be.



Road Chef 12 Volt Oven Big Bertha
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RCTRAY Baking Dish $29.99 Buy this product from our online store

Genuine Road Chef Oven Baking Tray

Want to add an oven baking tray to your standard Road Chef 12V oven (also fits the Travel Buddy range of ovens)

The Road Chef Oven Baking Tray takes 12-volt cooking to the next level.

The 304 stainless steel moulded tray has been ingeniously designed to allow meals baked in the Road Chef Oven to cook faster, with the heat being spread around the inside of the oven in a more even manner, creating a tastier meal. 

Testing shows that air needs to be allowed to circulate around the oven in three ways to get the best results.

As the oven is not fan forced it relies on natural convection, so the Baking Tray allows for maximum air flow around the meal you are cooking. Reduced air flow allows cooler air to build up near the meal surfaces.

By allowing hot air past the product, it picks up the heat faster cooking more evenly. The baking racks can slide in and out of the oven making it easier for you to reach your food.

Similarly, the tongues on the front and the back ensure that the tray does not move inside the oven maximising the convection while providing a gripping point for safely and easily removing the tray from the oven.

In designing the third way to increase circulation by keeping an air gap between the bottom of the tray and the bottom of the oven, we ensured that when the tray was inserted, the oven racks didn’t need to be taken out and stored elsewhere.

When hung on the top rail in the oven, there is enough room for the two racks to be placed at the bottom of the oven.

Genuine Road Chef Oven Baking Tray
RCTRAY Baking Dish $29.99 Buy this product from our online store

Travel Buddy 12v Oven

Travel Buddy 12 Volt Oven

The Travel Buddy is a sturdy oven that you can take anywhere.

The stainless steel makes it easy to use and to clean.

If your vehicle has a socket for a cigarette lighter, then there is nowhere that the Travel Buddy can't go!

Heat a meal while you travel, it doesn't matter if there are no shops around, your meal will be ready when you arrive.

The Travel Buddy's heating temperature reaches approximtely 200 degrees celcius+ after the initial warm up.

Fast Food takes on a new meaning with the Travel Buddy. This portable, lightweight, 12 volt oven can cook, bake and warm foods while you travel.

Simply load the Travel Buddy up with pies, pasties, sausage rolls, pizzas hotdogs or a pre-prepared meal and plug into your car's cigarette lighter socket, set the timer and while you are driving or parked, your meal is being heated or cooked.




Travel Buddy 12v Oven
OVEN12 Travel Buddy $259.99 Buy this product from our online store

12 Volt Portable Stove

Perfect for cooking and/or storing food hot on those long trips.

It gets up to 149°C and its insulated design keeps food hot, while the outside stays cool.

It plugs into a 12V cigarette lighter socket in the car.


*At switch-on from cold the current is 12-15Amps, once temprature has stabalised Current is 8-10Amps.

NOTE: You may need aftermarket sockets to connect this unit as standard cigarette sockets that come in vehicles are generally not rated this high.

12 Volt Large Portable Stove
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Waeco PerfectKitchen MCK-750 12v Car Kettle

If something hot is what you need; this handy kettle, especially designed for operation in vehicles, provides you with a pot of tea, a cup of coffee or a mug of soup in no time at all. This robust gadget suits 12 volt operation. The automatic cut-off function stops it from overheating when empty and ensures safe and comfortable handling. An indispensable helper on board!

Quality features:


4015704219500 Call us about this item

*This kettle uses 15 amps and will take 1/2 an hour to boil when full. Due to the power consumption of the kettle you will need to ensure that the socket it is being plugged into can handle 15 amps (180w) AND the plug is pushed in firmly. If there is a loose connection the tip of the plug will melt.

12v Hair Dryer

This compact & foldable 12V hair dryer is ideal for when you go on a camping break or caravan/motorhome holiday. It is perfect for when going to a festival.

This hair dryer comes with 2 speed settings and it can be folded when not in use for easy storage.

Plus, it can also be used for defrosting your vehicle’s windows during the cold winter months.




HAIR12 12V Auto Hair Dryer $34.99 Buy this product from our online store

12v & 24v Digital Timers

Programmable 12v & 24v Timer

This versatile 7 day digital timer is ideal for use in any appliance which requires automation. It can be configured to switch at up to 8 different times during a 24 hour period. In addition, it can be programmed to operate on a wide variety of days. eg. Daily, Week days only, Weekends only, Every second day, or selected group of days.
The timer has three modes of operation. In the "auto" mode, the timer automatically switches at the pre-programmed times. In the "on" mode, the switch is always on regardless of the timer program setting. In the "off" mode, the timer will not switch regardless of the program settings. The mode of operation can only be changed when power is applied to the switch.
In the event of a power failure, the switch retains its program data via an inbuilt long life lithium battery. Features a unique quick fixing mechanism which suits panels up to 7mm thick.

This model allows for Switch-on and switch-off times to be set for each program. ie Allows a different "on" duration for each program.



Programmable 12v & 24v Timer
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Enforcer S0100 12V / 24V Programmable PCB Timer

There are numerous situations that require the use of a timer.

The S 0100 offers several modes of operation which the user can easily program. It is suitable for use with either 12 or 24V.

Its small physical size makes it ideal for mounting into security cabinets, alarm panels, access control systems, fire alarms etc.

Relay contacts rated at 8A, 120VAC/24VDC. Low 1mA power consumption on standby or 50mA energised. Dimensions: 73 x 63mm.


Enforcer S0100 12V / 24V Programmable PCB Timer
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