Camping Misc

Camping Misc

Hand Held Shower

This shower unit is made from white plastic and can be used with pumps with pressure switches, for automatic on and off operation, or with the whale pumps with an inline switch to turn the pump on and off.

Drink Holders

Where do you put that drink while you are looking for the next turn-off?

These handy little plastic holders can be screwed to the side of the coaster and will help eliminate those spills.

DRFW White
DRFB Black

12V Car Kettle

For use on 12V electrical supply only.

Generally takes 30 minutes to heat water for tea, coffee or instant soup etc.



Whip up shakes or cold drinks on the road quickly and easily with the Whistler Blender. With powerful two speed, high-torque motor.


Awning Deflapper

Designed for caravans with roll-out awnings, the deflapper is easy to use and so effective for stopping loud flapping in the wind.


Water / Fuel Fillers and Taps

Fiamma Lockable Water Filler

Black and very attractive. Italian design makes all the difference. Very sturdy construction, 2 keys and full mounting instructions provided.

Square Lockable Water Filler

White plastic door with cap inside. Overall size 140 mm x 140 mm

Cutout size 100 mm diameter

Shurflo Taps

Smooth, easy flow, exceptional durability, Trouble-free ceramic disc washerless design. Versatile 360 degree spout rotation. The Shurflo faucet series is made to look great and perform even better. Designed for ease of use with a pump or city water system. Available in cold only or as hot and cold faucet. Can tolerate pressures up to 87 psi.

TapSW Tap w/o switch white cold
TapSWHC Tap w/o switch white H & C
TapSG Tap w/o switch grey cold
TapSGHC Tap w/o switch grey H & C
TapSEW Tap with electric switch white
TapSEWHC Tap with electric switch white H & C
TapSEG Tap with electric switch grey
TapSEGHC Tap with electric switch grey H & C

Inline City Water Pressure Regulator

A combination water regulator and check valve with exclusive Shurflo diaphragm design, provides continuous protection from high pressure surges in the city water system. Pressure will not exceed a safe nominal 50 psi. Leak-tight construction. Available in cream.

Wall Mounted Water Pressure Regulator

An exclusive diaphragm design prevents high pressure damage often caused by city water systems. Leak-tight, stress and crack-resistant, these high-performance water entries limit water pressure safely to 50 psi while meeting or surpassing all check valve code requirements. Available in chrome, white or cream.

Lockable Fiamma Petrol Filler

Heavy duty black plastic lockable petrol filler.

With small picture of petrol bowser in red incorporated in rim.