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Caframo Marine Products

Caframo's Marine line of products have been developed to improve a boaters’ personal environment and allow them to Cruise in Comfort.

These products can greatly increase the enjoyment and comfort of boating.

Sirocco II Model 7010

The finest in cabin comfort!

The all new Sirocco II cabin fan is made in Canada and features a unique gimbaled design that allows 360° airflow with versatile 12/24 Volt auto-sensing capability.

The improved control layout, increased timer settings and quieter operation make the Sirocco II the perfect choice for cruising in comfort.





7010CAWBX Sirocco 2 12/24V Wht $224.99 Buy this product from our online store
7010CABBX Sirocco 2 12/24V Blk $224.99 Buy this product from our online store

747 Ultimate

Industry recognized and a long time favorite of sailors!
The model 747 Ultimate 12 Volt fan is recognized byPractical Sailor magazine as a “Best Buy” in the marine market.

It features a patented “finger-safe” blade that does not require a protective grill and has a shock-absorbing lead- ing edge that flexes when it is stopped.
The resulting maximum airflow makes the 747 Ultimate the top choice for sailors heading to hot, humid climes.road.




747DCWCS Ultimate Fan 12V Whte $84.99 Buy this product from our online store


Ultimate Model 757

Similar to model 747 but is direct wire only. Fingersafe blade allows for maximum airflow. 2 Speed options.

The model 757 Ultimate 12 Volt DC fan has long been a favorite among Caribbean sailors where good boat ventilation is a must.

The two speed motor and Fingersafe™ blade move large masses of air throughout the boat from the V-berth to the galley. This is the fan that will let boaters enjoy their boating investment.




75724BBX Ulti W/O Plug 24V Blk $112.00 Buy this product from our online store
75724WBX Ulti W/O Plug 24V Wte $112.00 Buy this product from our online store


Bora Model 748

The quietest and most powerful marine fan in its class! The model 748 Bora 12 and 24 Volt fan is designed to deliver the features needed to solve any on-board airflow challenge.

The fan is ideal for clearing a bridge windshield, venting a galley or providing cool comfort in the sleeping berth. This versatility has made the Bora our most popular selling fan.

Outlasts and outperforms the competition. Superior airflow can provide any area with cool comfort. 3 speed touch control.




748CA24WBX Bora Fan 24V White $169.12 Buy this product from our online store
748CA24BBX Bora Fan 24V Black $223.99 Buy this product from our online store


Kona Model 817

The only weatherproof fan on the market! Rated at IP55, the model 817 Kona 12 Volt fan is designed to hold up in the most demanding marine conditions.

Featuring a watertight motor and constructed of extruded aluminum, UV stabilized plastic and stainless fasteners the Kona is ideal for environments such as the wheelhouse dash or an exposed bridge or cockpit where splash and spray would spell disaster for other fans.

The 3 speed motor allows for any on-board task. The standard lighter-plug adapter and suction cup mount option allow this fan to be moved wherever it is needed on the boat - above or below deck.




817CA24WBX Kona Fan 24V White $236.78 Buy this product from our online store
817CA24BBX Kona Fan 24V Black $236.78 Buy this product from our online store


Camano Model 743

An economical fan that provides a versatile solution to many of the airflow challenges a boater may face in hot and humid weather.

The model 743 Camano 12 Volt fan is easy to install and will enable any boater to “Cruise in Comfort”. It is ideal for any tight spot that needs some additional airflow whether it is in the corner of the V-berth or under a cupboard in the galley.




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MiniMax Deluxe Model 737

Energy efficient, compact and powerful.

The model 737 MiniMax fan is a favorite for hurricane preparedness because of its powerful airflow and efficient battery use.

Ideal for boaters looking for added circulation without having to wire into their 12 volt system.

Product Features:



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Tiny Tornado II Model 827

Cool comfort wherever you are.

The model 827 Tiny Tornado is a premium, battery powered portable fan that can be used anywhere on or off the boat.

The suction cup base attaches securely to any smooth surface in the boat and an adjustable tilting head directs airflow wherever it is needed.

Product Features:



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Fairview Defogger Model 9303

Owners can defog their windshield in just minutes using the Fairview 12 Volt defogger.

It is easy to install with either a sure grip suction cup or permanent screw down base and a standard lighter plug.

The unit is completely safe: it’s warm to the touch but is never hot.

Product Features:



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Taku Model 7620 Hatch Fan

Keep cool with this easy-to-install hatch fan featuring push button controls, LED lamp, and suction cup mounts.

With a pivoting axis, this versatile fan can be swiveled to exhaust air out of the cabin or to bring fresh air in.

Not just a hatch fan, the versatile 12 Volt Taku can also be swung down into the cabin and swiveled 360° to direct a cooling breeze right where you want it. Installs on most hatches 19" across and larger.

The Taku comes equipped with 20' of fully annealed (tinned), corrosion resistant wire.

Temporary operation: The lighter plug adapter can be plugged into any 12 volt outlet.
Permanent operation: The Taku can be wired directly to the electrical system.




7620CAWBX Taku Vent Fan $277.00 Buy this product from our online store

2 in 1 Ceramic Car Heater/Fan 150w

12v 150w Ceramic Heater

Ideal for instant heat, defrosting windscreens or just keeping you cool in the summer



Instant Heating or Cooing For the Car.

Don't sit Don't sit shivering in your car on cold winter mornings waiting for the engine to warm up.

This mini heater uses ultra-efficient PTC ceramic technology to blow out 120W of instant heat which not only defrosts the windscreen in seconds but also quickly warms the entire interior.

Ideal for the car, caravan or boat, the heater plugs into the 12V cigarette lighter socket.

In the summer warmth, switch over to fan mode to enjoy a blast of refreshing cool air. Simply plug into you lighter socket.

Can be secured easily using the fully adjustable universal bracket with either self adhesive tape or screws (all supplied) if required.

Do not place anywhere that could interfere with the safe operation of your vehicle.


Car Fan Heater $39.99 Buy this product from our online store


Solar Powered Ventilator - 215mm

Low profile, weatherproof, solar powered vent with stainless steel housing.

Extracts up to 800 cubic feet of air per hour in bright sunlight conditions.

Works successfully in natural daylight.

Can be mounted at any angle on almost any surface. No wiring or running costs required.

Supplied complete with mounting gasket, dress rim and instructions.

Blades supplied for both intake and exhaust use.

Above Deck Height : 35mm
Overall Vent Dia : (8.5") 215mm
Vent Cut-Out Dia : (4") 120mm

SSVT S/Steel Solar Vent $119.99 Buy this product from our online store

NARVA 12 Volt Vehicle Fan

81060BL 12 Volt Vehicle Fan with High/Low setting, Fixed Mounting Bracket and Hard-Wired Cable

This compact and efficient vehicle fan is ideal for Caravans, Motor-homes, Recreational Vehicles and Truck Cabins. This Fan comes with a High/Low setting, Fixed Mounting Bracket and Hard-Wired Cable.

We can add longer lengths of cable and a cigarette / merrit plug of your choice for an additional charge (cost of additional parts, plus minor labour)



NAR81060BL 12volt 144mm fan $39.99 Buy this product from our online store

Alzone Heavy Duty Dash Fans


These dash mounted fans can be mounted either vertically or horizontally to suit every application.

All models have the function to oscillate, therefore providing a more thorough flow of air.

All of the ALZONE fans have big blades which reduce the noise level considerably, allowing you to enjoy more of the outdoors.

Available in 200mm blade diameters in 12v Only.


FD12V200 Dash Fan 200mm $69.00 Buy this product from our online store

Fasco 12/24 Volt Heavy Duty Fans

These heavy duty fans are made in both the USA and Canada, and sold around the world.

165mm Metal blades ensure that the maximum airflow is obtained.

The 190mm blade guard stops little fingers from getting hurt.

Available in 12V or 24V with both models featuring a high and a low speed.


FDAF12 12V Fasco Dash Fan $185.00 Buy this product from our online store
FDAF24 24V Fasco Dash Fan $185.00 Buy this product from our online store

RULE 12v & 24v Bilge Blowers

Designed for efficient, high output operation, these blowers feature our exclusive front and rear shaft seals and corrosion resistant motor housings for long life.

Compact and easily installed on any flat surface, Rule® in-line blowers provide higher air flow, lower amp draw, and quieter operation than standard blowers.

Features and Benefits:


BBT123000 Bilge Blower 12V 3" $73.99 Buy this product from our online store
BBT124000 Bilge Blower 12V 4" $89.99 Buy this product from our online store
BBT243000 Bilge Blower 24V 3" $75.99 Buy this product from our online store
BBT244000 Bilge Blower 24V 4" $85.99 Buy this product from our online store

Stainless Steel Louvred Vents

aThese boat louvred vents are constructed from stainless steel are provide large capacity of air flow through the boats hull sides.

The vents are angled in such away that help to prevent water, either rain or river/sea water, from entering the boat.

A water wave splash is immediately diverted away from the vent openings by the sharp vent angles to deflect the water away.

These stainless steel vents have much larger holes than many of the vents available.

The vents are available in 3, 5 and 10 louvre models.

They can be used to provide ventilation for generators and three way refrigerators installed in caravans and motorhomes.

3 Sizes Available:


VNSS3 3 Louvre S/Steel Vent $29.99 Buy this product from our online store
VNSS5 5 Louvre S/Steel Vent $44.99 Buy this product from our online store
VNSS10 10 Louvre S/Steel Vent $69.99 Buy this product from our online store

Sunon Maglev Bearing Fans

Designed for long-life and minimal noise operation. Sunon® fans are manufactured to a very high standard and hold CSA and UL listings.

Sunon® fans are available in various sizes, voltages and bearing types. Depending on your application, select the fan that best suits your requirements from the table below. The Maglev bearing is a new magnetic repulsion system providing very silent, smooth operation and high temperature capability. This also extends the life of the fan.

Available in 80 x 80 x 25 mm or 120 x 120 x 38 mm dimensions



FN8012 12V 80x80x25mm Fan $19.99 Buy this product from our online store
FN8024 24V 80x80x25mm Fan $19.99 Buy this product from our online store
FN12012 12V DC Fan 120mm 9.6W $32.99 Buy this product from our online store
FN12024 24V DC Fan 120mm 9.2W $32.99 Buy this product from our online store

Sunon Plastic Fan Guard With Filter

Ideal for equipment requiring fan cooling in dusty environments.

Simple foam filter prevents dust particles from entering the equipment.

We recommend periodic cleaning to prevent filter restricting airflow.


FNF80 Fan guard w/foam filter $5.99 Buy this product from our online store
FNF120 Fan guard w/foam filter $6.99 Buy this product from our online store